Professional Education since 2009

Our Vision:

Improving people’s overall well-being and health by caring about them and providing a truly beneficial pilates practice.


The Swiss Pilates Institute’s mission is to provide high quality education to any interested person or fitness professional in order to promote a truly professionalized practice of the pilates method.



Guiding Principles:

Care: Truly caring about the client, opening a space for improvement

Skill: Truly knowing the human body and what there is to do

Precision: Truly doing the things in precision for real impact
We believe in a truly human centered approach, assuring that our students receive well elaborated knowledge about human anatomy and biomechanics, the pilates exercises, the apparatus and its applications.


Quality Control:

The Swiss Pilates Institute is operating according to international education standards defined by EduQualita, an international accreditation association for the harmonization of vocational education.

Certification by the Swiss Pilates Institute – SPI

Who are the SPI certification courses for ?


You will profit from the qualified training at the SPI if you are a:

• Pilates Practitioner
• Yoga Practitioner
• Personal Trainer
• Dancer
• Fitness Instructor
• Therapeut
• Passionate for Body Movement

The Swiss Pilates Certification Courses will meet your need to gain specific knowledge, bringing you professional education, qualification.

What does the SPI Certificate stand for ?

The certificate that you will obtain from the Swiss Pilates Institute certifies that you went through a professional Pilates education program on international standard. The certificate is the proof that you have went through a certain number of in-class education and practice teaching as well as passed an internationally standardised examination procedure. These requirements are on an equal level as other international Pilates schools.

Why to join a Certification Course at the SPI ?

The difference between the Swiss Pilates Institute (SPI) and other educational programs is that the SPI focuses on making you a great Instructor by understanding the core of the method through theory, practice and self-experience. The SPI is one of the few schools giving you valuable insights on “what, how & why” to teach (skills & didactics & integral understanding) and not only “what” to teach (skills only), like many other schools may do.